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Currently Featuring & Headlining my Nordic-inspired line of creation:

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About Johannes & GearFire Studios

   As a relatively young artist on a life-long creative journey of exploration and growth, I seek to skillfully harness Wood, Metal, Leather, Paint, 3D Graphics, Stone, or any other combination of material and technique to bring forth a unique blend of vibrant inspired creations that blur the lines of History, Fantasy, Myth & Personal Exploration.

   Growing out of a love for Nordic and Viking traditions, mythologies, design styles, and any other cultural elements, GearFire Nordic has taken form as the current central theme of my GearFire Studios endeavor. I am always working to expand my knowledge, abilities, techniques, and overwhelming array of tools & materials to experiment with.

   Any piece of art purchased from me contributes to my never-ending or expanding creative pursuits. My outputs are always evolving and unique; while I can recreate just about anything I create, it is unlikely that any piece will ever be like another... 

   I enjoy creating uniquely meaningful custom works for people, using my diverse range of skills to collaborate my imagination with your personal connections, values, or interests to bring something truly personally connected into the world, whatever kind of object that may be.

   However my designs connect with you, I appreciate and am honored to share and collaborate my creative passions with anyone.

- Johannes XIV



  • 5/22   -   Uncommon Market, Asheville, NC

  • 6/4     -   Asheville Art in the Park

  • 6/11   -   Hendersonville Antique & Vintage Show

  • 6/18   -   Blue Ridge Heritage

  • 6/19   -   Blue Ridge Heritage

  • 6/25   -   Asheville Art in the Park

  • 6/26   -    Uncommon Market, Asheville, NC

  • 8/5     -   Mount Mitchell Craft Fair

  • 8/6     -   Mount Mitchell Craft Fair

  • 9/10  -   Village Art & Craft Fair

  • 9/11  -   Village Art & Craft Fair

  • 10/1 Asheville Art in the Park

  • 10/8 Asheville Art in the Park


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Contact GearFire Studios

Here you can contact Johannes through Email, Text, or Social Media for custom work, customer support/feedback, or just to say hello!

Burnsville, NC  

(484) 557-2438

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